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  • Two infrared sensors are not enough for larger homes.  Additional sensors can be added to the base kit.  Passive infrared sensors generally cover an area of 90 degrees and have a range of 9 to 12 meters.  They detect movement in a direct line of sight, they do not detect through walls or windows, best detection is movement across a detector rather than movement towards the detector so the majority of detectors are designed for placement within the corner of a room adjacent to a point of entry such as a door or windows.

  • Pet Friendly sensors combine both microwave and passive infrared technologies to allow for the movement of your pet(s) around the house when your alarm is set.  Some of these sensors will allow for a dog of up to 40Kg in size.

  • Depending on the type of alarm controller you may be able to add wireless sensors to it. These are generally used when it is impracticable to run a cable or cables between the alarm controller and the sensors. Wireless sensors are very reliable and are also available with pet immunity.

  • With increased sensor technology it is now possible to place a number of different types of detection devices on the outside of your home or building. These sensors are very effective and very reliable and can enhance your perimeter security providing an earlier detection of an intruder.

  • A multi-axis movement detector is a specialised wireless device that can be placed on higher value assets of flat screen televisions. When the item is lifted or tilted the motion will cause the alarm to activate.

  • This feature is normally associated with night arming, having some preselected part(s) of the house armed whilst you are sleeping. This function is commonly used by home owners and offers a higher level of security to assist in preventing home invasions.

Remote Control Alarm Key

Remote Controls

Ease Of Access At the Click Of A Button

Hand held remotes can be added to your Paradox, Bosch or Micron burglar alarm. You can set or unset your system or even open and close the garage door all with the press of a button.

Magnetic Door & Window Switches

Perimeter Security | The First Line of Defence

They are inexpensive, very reliable, and in most cases out of sight. A switch on the door you enter through gives you a defined entry path and triggers the entry delay timer on the alarm. A degree of perimeter security can be achieved by the use of these switched on critical external facing doors or windows. These switches are available in wireless form.

Magnetic Door Window Switches
Meridian Iphone App

Mobile Phone Apps

Complete Control on Your iPhone or Android Device

The latest systems integrate Apps so you can control your alarm or view your cameras, all at the touch of a button on your mobile phone. Turn your Alarm on/off for tradesmen or babysitters, open your garage door, view a live feed from you security cameras.  All this  and much more.


24/7 Monitoring of your Home or Business

Your alarm system can be monitored 24/7 by a dedicated alarm monitoring company.  Should your alarm activate these vital signals will be immediately transmitted to the monitoring company who will immediately follow your alarm response plan. All of these details are displayed to the operator and they will follow your instructions. i.e. call the house, call your cell phone, call out a guard service, call your list of contacts ensuring your peace of mind.

Alarm Laptop App
Iphone 6

Phone Notifications

If the Alarm is triggered it will call or text your cell phone

Depending on the type of alarm you choose we can get it to contact your cell phone upon activating via a phone call or text message. Most systems are capable of contacting a number of cell phones.