How much is a basic home security alarm system?

The cost to have an alarm system installed mainly depends on the number of sensors required to protect your property. The main alarm control panel is the same for all our systems (i.e. They all have the same features), however, the size of the control panel can vary. The smallest panel can accommodate 4 sensors and the largest 16 sensors. Accessories such as remote kits, night arming stations, extra sirens, and extra keypads can also increase the cost of the alarm system. Our starter burglar alarm package price is $799.00 including GST and installation which includes 2 x sensors, 1 x keypad, 1 x internal siren, 1 x external siren and 4 zone alarm control panel with battery.

Can my existing security alarm system be upgraded or do I need a complete new system?

Yes, your existing alarm system can be upgraded. We can use your existing sensors and sirens and just upgrade the main alarm control panel, battery and keypad from as little as $450.00 including GST.

What brand of security alarm systems do you supply and install?

We have been using the same supplier for years. Why? Because we prefer to support local New Zealand companies where possible. Our supplier, Micron, has been designing and manufacturing state of the art security products for well over 30 years from their premises in Auckland. Their technical support is outstanding and their products are robust, reliable and user friendly.

Do you service areas north of the greater Auckland area?

Yes, we don’t like to turn away any business. There is usually a modest travel cost added which still allows us to be competitive.

What are the benefits of having our security alarm system professionally monitored by Eagle Alarms Northern Region Ltd?

Our cost for residential alarm monitoring is still less than $1.00 including GST per day in the Auckland area. We are able to produce monthly log reports of the alarm activity in your home or business and email them to you. Most insurance companies offer a discount off the premium if your alarm system is monitored professionally. Security guards can be dispatched immediately upon your alarm system activating rather than relying on, or placing neighbours, family or friends at risk when asked to attend your home.

Does Eagle Alarms Northern Region Ltd carry out any security alarm maintenance once the alarm system has been installed?

Yes, we run an active database which allows us to contact you on the anniversary of your alarm installation to offer you our annual security alarm maintenance service. This is an optional service which ensures the trouble free performance of your alarm system for many years.