Security Tips

For home and business

Top Ten Security Tips

  1. Have someone check on your house while you are on holiday.
  2. Regularly check alarms systems especially for lightning damage.
  3. Don’t be predictable, make sure that if someone is watching your house that they don’t know when you will be home.
  4. Make it look like someone is home by leaving a lamp or radio on.
  5. Build a relationship with your neighbours and look out for each other.
  6. Gravel driveways are a great deterrent because of the noise they make underfoot or when driven on.
  7. Don’t leave easily removable desirable items on show.
  8. Don’t provide easy access to your property.
  9. Make sure ladders and other implements that could aid a burglar are locked away.
  10. Be careful how you use Facebook and other social media – don’t advertise that you are going to be away.


Holiday Security Tips

Christmas time is the time when home owners need to be especially careful. Burglars know that homes are often empty while the owners are shopping, out socialising or away on holiday. Our homes are targeted because burglars know that there are usually presents around for stealing. By taking a few simple precautions you will reduce the risk…


How to reduce a burglar’s opportunity

Understanding how the mind of a burglar works will help you to protect your valuables and your family’s safety. By checking a few things around your home e.g. deadlocks, safety catches, etc. you will reduce the risk of becoming a victim. See the police website for more details

There are several handy tips to bear in mind which can help alleviate the risk to family and property. The first and most important step to take is to ensure that your alarm is in working order. People tend to forget that an alarm system, like a car, has parts that age and wear out and therefore should be serviced at least once a year.

Spectacular thunderstorms during the summer months, can also wreak havoc on alarm systems. As a result of this, clients should regularly check their systems in case of lightning damage. Homeowners who have house insurance should also consider that in the event of a burglary, their insurance company will, in all likelihood, question whether they have properly maintained their alarm.

Burglars and home invaders are notorious for watching homeowners to learn their patterns. People who come and go at predictable intervals are much easier targets. If a burglar knows what time you leave the house and how long you’ll likely be gone for, it reduces the chance that they’ll get caught.

Try to mix up your routine a bit so your comings and goings aren’t quite so predictable. If that isn’t possible, it is a good idea to at least give the illusion that there are people in the home. Leaving a radio or television on while you’re out makes it seem as though one or more people are inside. You can also purchase inexpensive light timers, which will turn lights on and off at predetermined times. These are particularly useful for when you will be gone for a few days.

Being close with your neighbours is one of the best ways to secure your home. If there is trust and good rapport amongst people in the area, you can keep an eye on each other’s homes. If you become involved in each other’s lives, you may notice if any suspicious characters are hanging around.

Have a friend stop by regularly to check on your property if you’ve gone out of town. You can even ask a neighbour to park their car in your driveway on occasion to fool would-be thieves. It you do have a neighbour you’re on good terms with, swap keys so that neither of you has to hide spare keys under the doormat, where thieves are likely to find it.

Always lock your doors and windows, and install a peephole in all exterior doors. Have good lighting around the perimeter of your home, and try not to have anything next to the house that could be used as a ladder.

Gravel driveways or paths are also a great deterrent because they make so much noise. Again, a burglar wants the easiest target possible, so discourage him from coming to your house by making it hard to sneak around.

Don’t make the mistake of believing that your home won’t be targeted if you don’t have expensive contents inside. Burglars will take anything that they think they can sell easily. This includes DVD players, CDs, and even alcohol. Anything that can be sold or bartered is a desirable mark, especially if the thief needs money quickly.

While it’s not pleasant to think about our homes being invaded and our belongings being stolen, the worst mistake a homeowner can make is to be complacent about home security. Not only are your valuables at risk, but your family as well. Don’t make your house an easy target; lights, alarms, and nosy neighbours all make a burglar’s job harder. Prevention is the best defense against crime, so be prepared, and stay safe.